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SBEPH: Seminars in Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Public Health

Seminars 2017

Important: Scheduled rooms and date/times might change due to unforeseen events: please check regularly our homepage


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Date Speaker Hour Seminar Title
February 9, 2017 Edoardo Botteri, Cancer Registry, Oslo 14:30-15:30, Room DeLillo, U7 Principles, effectiveness and pitfalls in cancer screening
March 23, 2017 Alessio Crippa, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm 11:30-13:30, Lab711, U7 An introduction of Survival Analysis with R
March 30, 2017 Maria Altman, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm 14:30-16:00, Room DeLillo, U7 Swedish Health Quality registers used in perinatal research flyer
March 30, 2017 Federica Gallo, Centro di Riferimento per l’Epidemiologia e Prevenione del Tumore in Piemonte 11:00-12:30, Lab711, U7 Estimating and Modeling Relative Survival
April 6, 2017 Giovanni Veronesi, Università dell’Insubria 14:45-16:00, Sala del Consiglio, U7 Metodi statistici per la stima del rischio assoluto di evento: il caso delle malattie cardiovascolari flyer
April 10, 2017 Jonas Ludvigsson, Karolinska Institutet 12:00-13:30, Room DeLillo, U7 Health Registers in Sweden flyer
May 17, 2017 Andrea Bellavia, Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), Boston 14:30-16:00, Room DeLillo, U7 Statistical approaches for highly-correlated exposures: the case of environmental chemical mixtures flyer
May 25, 2017 Laura Pazzagli, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm 14:30-16:30, Seminar Room 2062, U7 Marginal Structural Models – a powerful tool for time varying data structures
May 31, 2017 Marco Vassallo, Centro di ricerca per gli alimenti e la nutrizione (CREA), Roma 14:30-16:00, Seminar Room 2062, U7 Structural Equation Modeling: A Latent Variable Perspective and Research) flyer
June 22, 2017 Francesca Orsini, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute 14:30-16:30, Seminar Room 2062, U7 From Milan to Melbourne: experience from a young biostatistician from Bicocca flyer
June 29, 2017 Alessandro Cassini, European Center for Disease Control (ECDC), Stockholm 14:30-16:00, Seminar Room 2062, U7 From evidence to action: using burden of infectious disease estimates in the EU flyer
September 28, 2017 Rosaria Galanti, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm 14:30-16:00, Seminar Room Pagani, U7 Linking theory and practice: study design in the evaluation of complex Public Health interventions flyer
December 13, 2017 Hongwei Zhao, School of Public Health, Texas AM University 9:30-12:30; 13:30-16:30, Room De Lillo, U7 Propensity Score Methods for Observational Data Analysis flyer
December 21, 2017 Alessandro Gasparini, University of Leicester, UK 14:00-15:00, Room De Lillo, U7 Mixed effects survival models flyer