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Giancarlo Cesana




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Full Professor of
Hygiene and Public Health

Professional address:
Department of
Statistics and
Quantitative Methods
University of
Via Bicocca degli
Arcimboldi 8,
U7,20126 Milan, Italy

+39 039 2333097/8

[email protected]

Short presentation of current research

Previous and Current research

After some research on ergonomics and work physiology, his main interest has been devoted to the study of stress psychophysiology, applied to shiftwork, aging and work related diseases. To go deeper into these studies he has expanded his research to the epidemiology of coronary disease and risk, with particular attention to the etiological role of socio-occupational and environmental factors. The attention to the economic and cultural determinants of health has been completed with the study of the history of medicine, which prof. Cesana teaches in the school of medicine. He has been involved, with the role of principal investigator, in various national and international projects: W.H.O MONICA Project (a worldwide project of MONItoring trends in CArdiovascular diseases); FATMA Project (a collaborative study on disease factors -FATtori di Malattia- coordinated by the Italian National Research Council); RIFLE Project (another collaborative Italian study on RIsk Factors and Life Expect­ancy, coordinated by the Italian National Health Institute); PAMELA Project (an observational study on ambulatory monitoring of blood pressure -Pressioni AMbulatoriali E Loro Associazioni); HEART AT WORK network (a BIOMED concerted action of the European Union directed to the speculative evaluation of the results of several European studies on psycho-­social factors and cardiovascular disease and risk); CUORE Project (longitudinal study of several Italian cohorts, coordinated by the Italian National Health Institute); CAMUNI project (epidemiology of cardiovascular disease in Northern Italy); DENALI Project (a datawarehouse for the epidemiological analysis of health administrative data of Lombardia Region).

He has received several research grants from public and private institutions.

He is author/co-author of more than 250 papers (about 150 in peer reviewed journals), and 5 books. Since 2009 he has been appointed as the President of “Fondazione IRCCS Ca’ Granda. Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico”, the major and oldest teaching hospital in Milan.


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