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Past Research Projects

Past Research Projects

In recent years unit of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Public Health has contributed in various ways into some research projects some of these yet active and others ended.

Research projects ended are:

The EU-ADR project aims to develop an innovative computerized system to detect adverse drug reactions (ADRs), supplementing spontaneous reporting systems. To achieve this objective, EU-ADR will exploit clinical data from electronic healthcare records (EHRs) of over 30.

In this project a variety of text mining, epidemiological and other computational techniques will be used to analyze the EHRs in order to detect ‘signals’ (combinations of drugs and suspected adverse events that warrant further investigation). EU-ADR is carried out by an interdisciplinary team of researchers who share the ultimate objective to demonstrate that an earlier detection of adverse side effects of drugs is possible by using modern biomedical informatics technologies to efficiently exploit both the massive amounts of available EHRs, and the ever-increasing biological and molecular knowledge.

The project should demonstrate that scientific and clinical evidence can quickly and directly be translated into patient safety and, thus, health benefit