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Inappropriate prescribing in the elderly patient

IP indicators will be defined on the basis of a systematic review of medical literature and consensus meetings. Each indicator will be evaluated towards the pre-mentioned outcomes using HIS and NH databases.

Oncology patients will be excluded as medical data concerning most of these patients may not be captured using the above mentioned data sources. The START DATE of the cohort will be defined on the basis of the first captured diagnosis of cardiovascular illness. They will be considered exposed whenever the incident prescription of IP drug will be dispensed after the START DATE. FOLLOW-UP duration will be defined as the person-time at risk between the START DATE and the occurrence of the following events, whichever comes first: 1) occurrence of the investigated outcome (INDEX DATE: e.g. acute cardiovascular events); 2) tumor or one of the pre-definedexclusion criteria; 3) death; 4) end of data availability. Expected results. These findings could gather relevantinformation in terms of medications choice for patients aged 65+ at major risk of drug-related illnesses. Thus, specific guidelines might be implemented to guarantee the most appropriate pharmacological treatment with the aim
of reducing serious adverse drug reactions and related costs.

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