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Teaching Activities


The unit of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Milano-Bicocca, formed by several professors and researchers, offers courses in different areas of biostatistical and epidemiological research.

Educational activity is considered an important goal and for this reason the unit provides a comprehensive range of courses and seminars. Our program of courses and seminars covers protocol development, study design, basic statistics and epidemiology analyses. Courses and seminars are designed for researchers involved in any type of clinical and public health research. The unit is also heavily engaged in teaching Biostatistics and Epidemiology to medical and statistical undergraduates, MSc students and PhD students, both in curricular courses of the University of Milano-Bicocca and in external courses through the collaborations with istitutions and the italian academic world. Here are presented some courses in which members of the unit are engaged:


University Degree Programs:

1) Statistical Science (3 Years): Statistica e Gestione delle informazioni

2) Biostatistics (2 year master): Biostatistica

II level Master’Courses:

1) Advanced School of Prevention and Health Promotion (ASPP)

2) Pharmaco Preclinical and Clinical Research and Development: Ricerca e sviluppo preclinico e clinico dei farmaci

3) Master in Pharmaco-surveillance (II level master) in collaboration with SEPAF : Master in Farmacovigilanza

Here some of these courses are briefly showed with the professor who is responsible of its development.


Alphabetical List of Professors with teaching activities

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